18 — 28 may 2023

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Association PPING   
Mapping Festival   
Avenue Ernest-Pictet 28   
1203 Geneva 

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The Mapping Festival is organized by PPING, a non-profit cultural association based in Geneva, which has about 30 members in 2023, including many artists active in their field. Its goal is to promote audiovisual, technological and transdisciplinary arts on the French-speaking part of Switzerland and to make them known internationally. PPING organizes several events per year, collaborating with numerous cultural partners, associations and institutions. It created the Mapping Festival in 2005, which takes place every year in May and presents exhibitions, installations, performances as well as conferences and workshops.

She regularly invites artists from all over the world to present their work in Geneva and to give workshops. Artists from the region as well as students from art schools are also regularly invited in order to create synergies and encounters with the aim of positioning itself as a true platform for exchange and transmission of knowledge. Productions, co-productions and residencies are regularly organized to encourage creation in the field of technological and transdisciplinary arts.

The programming is always specialized but accessible, in order to reach an increasingly large public, initiated or amateur, both local and international. The spectators and participants are led to discover, experiment and feel works that propose new modalities of reception. With technological art, the public becomes an actor, player and instigator.


Committee / PPING Association 
Boris Edelstein - President 
François Charles - Vice President & Treasurer 
Charles Hieronymi - Secretary

2023 Team
Programming: Sarah Ducret | Boris Edelstein | François Moncarey | Solenne Vaulot Morel 
Administrative management & coordination: Maïa Wolf 
Production Manager: Lynn Briggs 
Communication Manager: Auréline Siorak 
Technical manager: Felix Michel 
Volunteers manager: Thierry Bouscayrol 
Visual communication: Dimitri Delcourt | Sophie Czich 
Web developer: Isamu Reuter 
Videographer : Loïc Nys 
Photographer: Stéphane Pecorini 
Responsible for Le Commun : Mike Latona 
Ticketing manager: Juan Diego Figueroa Ortiz 
Reception and supervision Le Commun : Annabelle Galland

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